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Denver is home to world-class breweries, distilleries, dispensaries, wineries and futuristic tap houses. Cut through the clutter and simplify the selection by joining professional drinkers and guides on an upcoming experience. Touring with Denver Brews & Booze is a great way to see it all, experience the process and production behind the scenes while tasting and talking about all of the amazing beverages with the brewers and distillers themselves. Our Denver events make a great experience for locals and travelers alike (and fantastic gifts as well!)

Denver Events Local Breweries Bruz Beers
Denver Events Local Breweries Bruz Beers

Creative, customized and wildly entertaining

Our best Denver events were shaped by participants just like you. We are very flexible, easygoing and able to modify details on the fly. Contact us here if you would like to create a private or totally custom experience. We have also created a Denver Experience Builder if you want to choose from some of our favorite options and plans. Lastly, you can see everything that is upcoming on our Eventbrite page, or see a full calendar of events for the whole year. Below you can scroll through a list of upcoming events and take a glimpse at our localized calender.

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Crazy Mountain hosts the Comedy Bus

Celebrate Father's Day with Denver Bourbon & Craft Beer

Bruz Beers hosts the Comedy Bus

Great as an Gift

Experiential Gift giving is the future. All of our tours are available to purchase as a gift. Tour tickets and vouchers are fully transferable. If you would like to purchase a gift card instead of a specific tour, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we can create a digital or physical gift card.  Create lasting memories and memorable moments with Denver Brews and Booze.

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