Conspiracy Comedy Tour

Historic and Hilarious tour of downtown Denver highlighting the bootleggers, brothel owners and boldest con men that shaped the mile high city.

Welcome to the wild wild west

We explore the seedy side of history alongside local comics and historians. Guides who are not afraid to talk about the kind of money madames brought into Colorado, walking through the former red-light district to see the classiest bordellos of the west. Walk down frontier main street and encounter the same gullible crowds Soapy Smith would con on a daily basis. Visit an iconic den of sin, also known as a jazz bar, and revisit a baseball bat wielding bar owner that nearly assaulted Bono.


See history repeat itself

Denver history is steeped in the rich drama of lawlessness and moral ambiguity, and after walking through the city with a professional comedian as your guide, you will certainly agree, nothing has changed.

We still have burlesque shows in basements, speakeasies, gastro-brothels and bathhouses. You can see how beer is kegged, whiskey is barreled and marijuana is grown without walking more than a mile.


Crime & Conspiracy Comedy Tours depart from The Broker Restaurant & Union Station

Wednesday @ 3:30 pm (The Broker)

Thursday @ 3:30 pm (The Broker)

Friday @ 2 pm (Union Station)

Sunday @ 3 pm (Union Station)


Our Conspiracy & Crime Tour is a walking tour/cocktail crawl exploring the sordid and seedy city history with a professional local comedian. This tour includes educational entertainment, a cocktail and a professional tasting at the end. This experience is open to the public but you must be over 21 to enjoy samples from our partners.

Tours run Wednesday through Saturday throughout the year, and all tours begin inside of The Broker Restaurant located at 821 17th St, Denver, CO 80202. Advanced booking is required.

Tours cost $50 per person, and include a cocktail, entertaining guide and professional tastings. To book, please see the calendar above, or click here to send us a message.  You can also contact us directly with the links below.

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