Colorado's first bridge between local distilleries & craft breweries

Giving participants an entertaining and comprehensive drinking experience. We provide interactive tours through (alcohol) production facilities, including professional tastings, and plenty of delicious libations

Demystifying the process will deepen appreciation, making drinking substantially more delightful. We love sharing the joy of discovering flavors when tasting like a critic & the thrill of palette exploring when drinking like a geek.

Curated Cocktail Expeditions

Exploring the city's best tap houses and tasting rooms. We demystify the process, interact with ingredients and sample everything at the source with entertaining professional drinkers.

We offer highly researched walking or chartered experiences with drinking and non-drinking options, although everyone who participates with Denver Brews and Booze must be over 21 years old.


We are a team of licensed, professional guides running friendly tasting tours throughout the week.


Rick Tyson

Owner - Operator

Rick is a seasoned professional. After receiving his second bachelor's degree in history, Rick was pulled into the world of historical tours landing a job at the prestigious Smithsonian. Rick has managed massive groups in world-class museums, once drove three Segways at the same time and start Colorado - and possibly the country's - first craft distillery bus tour.



David Hanan

Tour Director

David is an energetic guide beaming with enthusiasm. His passion for history, food and craft spirits began while studying agricultural economics at UF, where cocktails were always preferred over classes. David spent time in catering, bartending and restaurant management before finally discovering his true calling, combining a decade of food and beverage experience with his love of public speaking.