A Christmas Wish List for the Drunk in the Family

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1. Deluxe Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster, Camo

The ULTIMATE tailgating gift is right here for your biggest fan fanatic friends! Now the cooler is right at your fingertips with this belt holster. Plus it comes in camo. Can you say “hey there bad*ss!”?

2. Freeze Chilling Wine Glasses

Don’t let your friends become suburban moms and start throwing ice cubes in their wine. Make sure the wine stays cold, undiluted, and classy with these oh-so chill wine glasses.

3. Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold

With the Star Wars release just around the corner, your geeky Jedi-loving boozy friends are going to flip out over this rad Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold. I can already hear Darth Vader’s theme song… Bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum bum bum bum…

4. Bracelet Flask

Got a boozy girlfriend who loves her accessories? She’ll be extra stylin’ with this bracelet flask the next time she hits the town. Plus you’re saving her money on drinks — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


5. Wheel of Shots Game

Wheel of Fortune ain’t got nothing on this Wheel of Shots game from Urban Outfitters. Gather your friends, and get ready to spread some serious holiday cheer after a few rounds. You might even be brave enough to go caroling!


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